• Common Causes of Basement Flooding

    Common Causes of Basement Flooding

    Since basements are built partially if not fully below ground, they’re prone to flooding. For that reason, a basement flood may occur not only during the rainy season and the spring thaw but at any time of year, even when the conditions are dry.

  • Mold Mayhem

    Mold Mayhem

    Do you and your family know the precautions to take in order to prevent mold growth?

    Let’s review:

    Tips on mold prevention

    Ø  Monitor your indoor humidity with a hygrometer & use dehumidification if humidity levels are high and/OR you see condensation on your windows

  • Summer is over!

    Summer is over!

    Summer is coming to a grinding halt, and in its replacement autumn is moving in. Although many of us do not want to accept that summer is ending, we have to face the music and prepare our homes for the coming season.

    We at ServiceMaster aim

  • Flood Preparedness.  Are you ready?

    Flood Preparedness. Are you ready?

    One of the most frequent and costly natural hazards in Canada is overland flooding. If you are not aware of the term, it is when water flows overland and seeps into buildings through windows, doors and cracks. Floods have affected hundreds of thousands of Canadians and cause millions of dollars in damages each year. However, the bigger concern for many Canadian homeowners is that they are not insured for overland flooding, and can be left to deal with expensive repairs and replacing valuables.

  • Home Fire Safety and Prevention

    Home Fire Safety and Prevention

    Fires claim eight lives each week in Canada, and almost three-quarters of those deaths are a result of residential fires. According to Fire Prevention Canada, home fires occur most often in the winter season. There are many reasons for this – homes must be heated, most meals are cooked indoors and those who smoke tend to stay indoors.

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