November is Nigh

November is Nigh

Written by: Adrienne B

The air is getting crisper & the days are getting shorter. Now is a perfect time to take preventative measures for the safety of your home & your family before we enter the depths of this winter’s chill. Here are 3 helpful hints ServiceMaster would like to provide you with:



Perhaps for the 2015 winter, check your insulation to make sure your attic air is cold & soffits are free of debris. This will help prevent ice damming. Your attic insulation should be about 30 cm (or 12 inches). 



Be sure to check/change if need be, the batteries in your smoke & CO2 detectors. Some use each time the clock goes ahead or backward as a reminder to check- this means November 1st 2015.



Not only is it wise idea to clear any ice & snow off your walk ways for your family, but it is also considerate for those who may be on your property. Although it may feel like a pain to shovel away that slippery debris- it’s much less of a pain then a visit to your chiropractor. 



Local Events:

Lest We Forget a Musical Remembrance

Come out and enjoy! The Red Deer College is putting on a performance for Remembrance Day on Sunday November 8th 2015. The show will begin at 2:00pm, tickets are $10.00 and are available at the legion.


Festival of Trees

Come out and enjoy the many festivities taking place during this wonderful time of year!

From November 26th-29th 2015, Red Deer invites you to the Westener Park to feast your eyes on a number of family-friendly performances & acts. General admission for adults is $10.00, for seniors & youth (12-17) $6.00, children (4-11) $4.00 and 3 & under is free! For more information please visit .

Brain Teaser:

As I was going to Red Deer,

I met a woman with seven husbands,

Each husband had seven dog carriers

Each dog carrier had seven dogs,

Each dog has seven puppies,

Husbands, dog carriers, dogs & puppies

How many were going to Red Deer?




On behalf of all of the staff at ServiceMaster of Red Deer, we hope you have a happy & safe November.

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