Catastrophe and Disaster Clean Up Restoration Services for Home or Business



Following a natural disaster such as widespread flooding, an ice storm, or severe wind storms such as a hurricane or tornado, nothing is more important than being able to contact a disaster restoration company you can trust. At ServiceMaster Restore of Red Deer, we go the extra mile to provide the highest quality and fastest disaster restoration and recovery services possible, even when service calls are at peak volume. In the event of extraordinary conditions, our disaster restoration professionals are prepared to provide fast emergency restoration services and recovery response for your home or business 24commercial major flood clean up services hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Trust ServiceMaster Restore of Red Deer, Canada’s leading disaster restoration company.


With 65 years of professional experience in disaster clean up and restoration, we've learned how to mobilize disaster recovery resources from other ServiceMaster locations on short notice. This means if there is the threat of an event that will require disaster restoration and recovery services, we have the resources to go on early notice with pre-planning to ensure the successful implementation of disaster restoration and recovery services throughout Canada.


As the #1 disaster restoration and recovery service Canadians have come to rely on, we have developed a comprehensive disaster restoration and recovery program to handle insurance claims quickly, as soon as the emergency occurs.

You can know with confidence that we will be your lifeline during times ofcatastrophe, with the most reliable, professional disaster restoration and recovery services available. 

Talk to your insurance provider or call ServiceMaster Restore of Red Deer today for more information.



With 65 years of professional experience, we are a highly reputable, licensed, insured and endorsed provider of disaster restoration services you can trust. We have the professional resources, technology and expertise necessary to restore your property to its pre-loss condition as quickly and efficiently as possible. And we also provide you with exceptional customer service to help restore your property, and your peace of mind.

You can trust [insert company name] to provide the highest-level of disaster restoration services available in the industry.

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Do my belongings need to be moved away from the premises?

Depending on the scope of work, your belongings and contents of your home may remain on location. In this case, we will take appropriate measures to securely cover and protect contents. Any construction related dust or dirt that occurs as a result of the work, would be addressed in the post-construction cleaning. For large restoration jobs, it is advisable to move all affected contents to a secure, climate-controlled facility in order to protect them and make room for construction. Be assured that our technicians are fully trained and will treat your possessions with the utmost care. Our Automated Inventory Control System tracks the status of your belongings from move out to move back. We will work with you and your Insurance Claims Representative to manage this process efficiently.

Who is responsible for paying for the service?

As the property owner you are responsible for payment and will need to sign a form authorizing payment for the restoration services. If this is an insurance claim, ServiceMaster Restore generally collects only the deductible (co-payment) amount from you and bills the balance to your insurance provider as a service to you. If you have a large loss, your mortgage company may be included as a payee on the payment from your insurance company, and you may need to obtain a signature from them as well. If your claim is not covered by insurance or you decide not to file a claim, you will be expected to pay in full. A payment schedule may be agreed upon prior to the start of any non-insured work.

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